Cruise Review for MV-1309

Ship Name
R/V Melville
Cruise Start Date
7/15/13, 12:00 AM
Cruise End Date
7/30/13, 11:59 PM

Papa 1 (rvdata)

Review Status
on 4/24/17

Cruise Information

Item MIO Submission Date Data Team Review Date
Cruise Plan 11/2/15 n/a
Bulk Load Sheets
Deployment Sheets
Quick Look Report 11/2/15 n/a
Cruise Report 11/2/15 n/a
Cruise Photos n/a

Cruise Data

CTD Rosette Data
CTD Log Sheets
Water Sampling Data - Carbon
Water Sampling Data - Chl
Water Sampling Data - Nutrients
Water Sampling Data - Salt
Water Sampling Data - Oxygen

Cruise Review Summary


Data Team Notes

First cruise – no instruments were recovered. Don’t know when asset management sheets and raw data were delivered and ingested.

Waiting for shipboard data and water sampling data.