Reference Designator Deployment Method Status Notes
GP02HYPM-RIM01-02-CTDMOG039 1 telemetered Not Expected check cruise report for the 3rd deployment. Reasons may be: failed or not recorded. This deployment was not conducted by WHOI. Also, nominal imodem ID is 39, but actual for this deployment is 61; parser will overwrite 039 from ingest .csv file with 061
GP02HYPM-WFP02-00-WFPENG000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-01-FLORDL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-03-DOSTAL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-04-CTDPFL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-05-VEL3DL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP03-00-WFPENG000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP03-01-FLORDL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP03-03-DOSTAL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP03-04-CTDPFL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-WFP03-05-VEL3DL000 1 telemetered Available
GP02HYPM-MPM01-02-ZPLSGA009 4 recovered_inst Pending parser not available
GP02HYPM-MPM01-02-ZPLSGA010 4 recovered_inst Pending parser not available
GP02HYPM-RIM01-00-SIOENG000 4 recovered_host Available
GP02HYPM-RIM01-02-CTDMOG039 4 recovered_host Available
GP02HYPM-RIM01-02-CTDMOG039 4 recovered_inst Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-00-WFPENG000 4 recovered_wfp Pending couldn't parse data
GP02HYPM-WFP02-01-FLORDL000 4 recovered_wfp Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-03-DOSTAL000 4 recovered_wfp Available
GP02HYPM-WFP02-04-CTDPFL000 4 recovered_wfp Available

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