Bulk Meteorology Instrument Package

Reference Designator
Start Depth
End Depth
Buoy Tower
Current Status
Not Operational
METBK (Bulk Meteorology Instrument Package)
Science Discipline
Star Engineering
M2M Example
Method Data Stream Content Type
recovered_host metbk_a_dcl_instrument_recovered Data Products (DCL) Report M2M Stats Science
recovered_host metbk_hourly Flux Data Products Calculated From Hourly Averages Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered metbk_a_dcl_instrument Data Products (DCL) Report M2M Stats Science
telemetered metbk_hourly Flux Data Products Calculated From Hourly Averages Report M2M Stats Science
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 OC1503D 04/15/2015 09/23/2015 CGMCE-07SHSM-00001 CGINS-METLGR-00008 46.9861 -124.566 -3 87
2 OC1510A 10/13/2015 05/13/2016 CGMCE-07SHSM-00002 CGINS-METLGR-00027 46.9875 -124.569 -3 90
3 TN-342 05/05/2016 09/27/2016 CGMCE-07SHSM-00003 CGINS-METLGR-00025 46.9895 -124.569 -3 87
4 AT37-03 09/20/2016 04/13/2017 CGMCE-07SHSM-00004 CGINS-METLGR-00028 46.9859 -124.566 87
5 SKQ201704S 04/11/2017 10/06/2017 CGMCE-07SHSM-00005 CGINS-METLGR-00011 46.9882 -124.567 89
6 SKQ201715S 10/03/2017 CGMCE-07SHSM-00006 CGINS-METLGR-00029 46.9852 -124.564 1 87
Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
Deployment: 4
12/17/16 4/23/17

We are seeing the relative humidity and air temperature units fail on 3 of the 4 Endurance coastal surface moorings. The data from the sensors is showing up as 'NaN' in the METBK data stream.

This issue began last week with CE07SHSM on 2016-12-17. We are now seeing it on CE02SHSM, as of today 2016-12-21. Have also seen a couple instances on CE09OSSM. Starts as an intermittent issue and then gets progressively worse until there is no more relative humidity and temperature data.

By Mike Smith, on 1/30/17
Redmine Issue #11719

Deployment: 6
Asset: CGINS-METLGR-00029
Status: Failed
10/11/17 4/2/18

CE07SHSM METBK wind sensor stopped working

Wind sensor stopped working. This means the data stream from the METBK is changed, so no data from any of the METBK sensors are being read properly by CI. However, all of these other METBK are actually working and telemetering reasonable data.

METBK parsers cannot read the METBK data from this instrument now because the DCL changed the format of the file upon wind sensor failure.

By Mike Smith, on 12/6/17
Redmine Issue #12963

Deployment: 6
Asset: CGMCE-07SHSM-00006
Status: Open Issue
11/2/17 4/2/18

CE07SHSM no longer able to recharge batteries (PSC)

The mooring stopped receiving power from photo voltaic panel #1 of 4 on Nov-2. By Nov-20, the mooring stopped receiving power from two more solar panels (PV2 & PV4) and one of two wind turbines (WT2). This indicates the Power System Controller (PSC) they connect to is failing. Mooring components will be shut down as the mooring loses the ability to recharge its batteries.

By Mike Smith, on 12/6/17
Redmine Issue #12965

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