Washington Shelf Surface Piercing Profiler Mooring

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Coastal Endurance
A Surface-Piercing Profiler Mooring is a mooring that contains a surface-piercing profiler. The surface-piercing profiler allows for the sampling of near surface phenomena as the profiler travels through the water then breaches the surface. While on the surface, the profiler is able to transmit data to shore.
Min Depth
Max Depth
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 OC1503D 04/09/2015 07/08/2015 CGMCE-07SHSP-00001 46.9818 -124.564
2 EK-1508 08/22/2015 10/13/2015 CGMCE-07SHSP-00002 46.9843 -124.565
3 SKQ201704S 04/16/2017 05/18/2017 CGMCE-07SHSP-00003 46.9861 -124.566
4 PS1705D 05/18/2017 07/25/2017 CGMCE-07SHSP-00004 46.9853 -124.566
5 SKQ201715S 10/06/2017 12/08/2017 CGMCE-07SHSP-00005 46.9845 -124.567
Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
Deployment: 3
Status: Not Operational
5/8/17 5/18/17

CE07SHSP-00003 stopped for unknown reasons. It's last profile was 1pm PDT May 7. It had profiled twice a day for 22 days. CE02SHSM continues to communicate with CE02SHSP every 6 hours, so it remains tethered to the seafloor. Recovery and replacement are scheduled for May 18.

By Mike Smith, on 5/16/17
Redmine Issue #12319

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