Flanking Subsurface Mooring A

Reference Designator
Array Name
Global Station Papa
Flanking Subsurface Moorings are located at global sites and contain instruments fixed at specific depths along the mooring riser. The flotation buoy for subsurface moorings is located below the sea surface. As they have no surface expression, these moorings communicate and send data to shore via an acoustic link to nearby gliders.
Min Depth
Max Depth
Deployment Cruise Start Date Stop Date Mooring Asset Node Asset Sensor Asset Latitude Longitude Deployment Depth Water Depth
1 MV-1309 07/21/2013 06/15/2014 CGMGP-03FLMA-00001 49.9795 -144.254
2 MV-1404 06/17/2014 06/05/2015 CGMGP-03FLMA-00002 49.9775 -144.246
3 TN-323 06/06/2015 06/28/2016 CGMGP-03FLMA-00003 49.9767 -144.246
4 RB-16-05 07/01/2016 07/18/2017 CGMGP-03FLMA-00004 49.9743 -144.24
5 SR17-10 07/13/2017 CGMGP-03FLMA-00005 50.0229 -144.361
Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
Deployment: 4

Glider 365 deployed at Papa is failing to retrieve very much data from GP03FLMA-00004. The volume of data acquired from the mooring has been consistently low, seldom more than a few thousand bytes per attempt. The glider has recovered more data from GP02HYPM-D00004, so we think the glider modem is functioning properly. The glider is able to range successfully to the mooring from a number of ranges and orientations, however acoustic requests results in very small data files. UPDATE 11/15/2016: Data telemetry from FLMA-D00004 continues to be very poor for unknown reasons. There are multiple failed attempts. The glider modem configuration was inspected and the S4 shift register has been changed from S4=4 to S4=5 and back again with no measurable improvement in performance. The glider is able to range to the mooring multiple times. The error rates in the log file appear to be relatively high but there is no obvious reason for it.

By Lori Garzio, on 11/7/16

New Note

Metadata Start Date End Date Comment
7/21/13, 6:44 PM 6/14/14, 8:00 PM

Deployment 1: Mooring was deployed 10-15m shallower than planned. Telemetered data are not available for this deployment.

Id: 150 By: lgarzio

6/17/14, 2:00 AM 6/4/15, 8:00 PM

Deployment 2: Mooring was deployed 15-20m shallower than planned. Upon recovery of platform, biofouling was apparent on shallow CTDs.

Id: 151 By: lgarzio

6/6/15, 6:40 PM 6/28/16, 3:10 PM

Deployment 3: Mooring was deployed 10-15m deeper than planned.

Id: 152 By: lgarzio

6/30/16, 9:07 PM 7/18/17, 11:13 AM

Deployment 4: Mooring was deployed 10-15m deeper than planned.

Id: 153 By: lgarzio

7/13/17, 7:00 PM

Deployment 5: No data will be available via satellite telemetry. Data will be available when the mooring is recovered.

Id: 141 By: lgarzio